The Animal Defense Partnership

2018 Intern Program

We're pleased and proud to introduce you to our inaugural summer intern class of 2018:

Margaret Sun

Margo is a third-year student at NYU School of Law. She has an avid interest in animal advocacy and hopes to use her legal education to address the systemic issues that lead to the exploitation of animals. Her interest in animal welfare started when she learned about factory farm practices and the health and environmental benefits of promoting a plant-based diet. She is a member of NYU Law’s chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and has studied animal welfare issues in her Animal Law and Animal Ethics classes. Through her experiences, she has learned how critical it is to advocate for the legal protection and rights of animals and to fight for a food system that is humane, sustainable, and accessible to all.

Olivia McHugh

Olivia McHugh will be entering her senior year at St. John's College in New Mexico in the fall, where she is studying philosophy, mathematics, and literature as she works toward a B.A. in Liberal Arts.  She is a National Merit Special Scholar and recipient of the Scholastic Writing Award, Silver Key.  Her interest in animal protection began at a young age when she started volunteering at a local animal shelter.  Having spent much of her childhood in rural Pennsylvania, she was familiar with the close relationships people can have with animals of all different species, and this motivated her to inspire those relationships in others.  In the summer of 2014 she participated in a National Geographic Expedition to Tanzania, where she studied wildlife conservation efforts. While she was there, she had the opportunity to observe herds of wild elephants and develop a greater understanding of the social needs of these vulnerable animals.  Because of this, she has a particular interest in ADP’s Weeping Elephants Project.  Olivia plans to pursue a degree in law so that she can continue working on effecting positive change in the lives of animals everywhere.