Caribbean Canine Connection


Caribbean Canine Connection (CCC for short!) was established in 2020 by 4 dedicated Dog-Lovers, who have a special fondness for the mixed-breed Puppies and Dogs of the Caribbean Islands, often lovingly called “Coconut Retrievers” or “Potcakes”. Our team members all have experience either living on or frequently visiting the Caribbean Islands, and have therefore seen first hand the upsetting manner in which Pups are often treated in these areas. Additionally, we have witnessed the unfortunate overpopulation of puppies and dogs on the islands, which often results in these animals becoming strays, and not properly cared for. This is why we decided to emBARK upon this mission to raise awareness of Island Pups in need, and to provide support to facilitate their connection to direct adopters, fosters, or reputable rescue organizations in the US. We are all also parents to our own Island Pups, and can attest to their amazing spirit and unique personalities….They are simply the BEST!!!