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Rainbow Meadows Co-Founder
March 7, 2022
Animals' Angels
Major victory in Switzerland for pregnant mares with the help of ADP client Animals’ Angels! Read more about this discussion with Animals’ Angels founder & lead investigator Sonja Meadows.
Animals' Angels is taking a two-pronged approach to minimizing the number of horses that end up in the slaughter pipeline. 1) Because much of the horse meat in Europe is coming from horses that were originally US horses, they are working to disincentivize the import of horse meat by proving to the EU Commission and to the European public the cruelty and health risks associated with the industry. 2) They are working to pass federal legislation in the US to prohibit horses from being transported for slaughter.
Read more to learn how you can join Animals' Angels campaign to help horses.
Rainbow Meadows Co-Founder
National Horse Protection Day
March 1, 2022
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue & Retirement, Inc.
Dedicated to providing a safe haven for abused, neglected, abandoned and slaughter-bound horses, it has been an active player in the rescue of over 600 horses.
"Being able to see the big picture and how the various pieces of an organization influence each other is critical in operational success. My ability to successfully apply good business tools to Rainbow Meadows has allowed my passion to help horses remain viable for 17 years."
Karen Everhart, MEd, Rainbow Meadows Co-Founder & Executive Director
Dr. Anna Katogiritis
International Day of Veterinary Medicine
December 9, 2021
Meet Dr. Anna Katogiritis, DVM
Creating an organization to provide veterinary clinical care and education around the globe, and collaborate with local community partners to identify long-term solutions.
"There are so many sanctuaries and shelters around the world that need free veterinary care for the animals they rescue. I am hoping that we will not only be able to provide that, but also make veterinary training available where access to resources is not readily available."
Dr. Anna Katogiritis, DVM
Rainbow Meadows Co-Founder
Rainbow Meadows Co-Founder
Dr. Anna Katogiritis
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