Earthbound Animal Haven


To rescue animals from living lives filled with cruelty, pain, and injustice; to educate and inspire change in the way society views and treats animals; to stand up for those without a voice; and to promote compassionate vegan living.

Earthbound Animal Haven is a vegan micro-sanctuary that was founded in 2018 when we brought home our first rescue, Izzy, a potbelly pig who was discarded by his previous owners because he grew too big. We fell in love immediately and decided then, we would do whatever it took to rescue more animals in need and give them the home and lives they deserve. In 2019, we purchased our first 5 acres of land, built a barn, and opened up to take in more animals. To date we have rescued Izzy, our super sweet pot bellied pig, Marshmellow, a miniature horse whose owner was inadvertently starving her to death, and two Pygmy goats, Tobias and Isabella, brother and sister, who came from an over-packed breeding farm. They comprise our four pioneer sanctuary residents, and their background stories are the embodiment of our vision and mission. 

Earthbound hopes to effect change in the animal farming industry, the animal testing industry, the animal fashion industry and the animal entertainment industry through rescue, education and advocation in our communities. We promote a compassionate vegan lifestyle and provide resources for people interested in learning about veganism and how to make the change.