Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary


Life with Pigs is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to educating people about the injustices faced by animals and how we can better coexist with our fellow earthlings.  We operate under the guiding principle that animals are our equals and deserve equal consideration for their needs and desires.
Much of our outreach involves bringing people into contact with animals often seen as 'food animals' and helping them to realize that these animals deserve the right to live happily just as much as dogs and cats do.  We met and impacted thousands of people by simply taking our pigs and eventually our chicken out to places like Colonial Williamsburg and college campuses.  While the pigs and chicken grazed on grass, many people came to meet them and were changed forever.  We had so many people tell us in the moment that they would never see these animals the same again.  Many pledged to no longer participate in the abuses happening to these animals by going vegan.