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Nosey The Elephant Update

Terrific News on Nosey!

The USDA has announced its intention to revoke the license held by Hugo Liebel, Nosey the Elephant's former tormentor.…/usda-moves-to-terminate-l…/1340419710

We congratulate and thank all those in the animal protection community who have been involved in this tireless and remarkable years-long campaign, including our clients In Defense of Animals ("IDA") and Save Nosey Now ("SNN") You can read about ADP's support of IDA and SNN in their efforts to free Nosey, and the ADP Weeping Elephant Project, here:…/

With this, Nosey can continue to live in peace for the duration of her life at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Truly, a tremendous accomplishment.

Nosey went from a lifetime of this:


To  a lifetime of this: