Our Clients


"We are so grateful to be receiving guidance from the Animal Defense Partnership, a nonprofit organization of legal professionals dedicated to helping those who are working to help animals! Support from ADP, and other individuals and organizations generously assisting us as we work to create better information for animal advocates, enables us to continue our mission in ways we could not achieve on our own. We deeply appreciate their passionate commitment to the cause, and we highly recommend checking out their work!"

Zee Grifler
Executive Director
The Open Sanctuary Project


"The Animal Defense Partnership is an absolute gift to animals. David and his team provide insightful, straightforward, and reassuring legal advice that has helped Veganuary cut through red tape and move forward quickly on major, high-impact projects. Our campaign, and the movement, are stronger because of their guidance.”

Wendy Matthews
Director, US


"Wow. When singing the praises of Animal Defense Partnership, it's hard to know where to begin. I’m deeply grateful to Joel and the team for their speedy, thoughtful, thorough, and patient legal advice. As fellow animal lovers, they know exactly what nonprofits in this field need and face. Joel has been a phenomenal thought partner and ally to Farmed Animal Funders. It's hard to imagine where the animal advocacy movement would be without Animal Defense Partnership. They have my heartfelt thanks."

Mikaela Saccoccio
Executive Director
Farmed Animal Funders


"David, Joel, Mary and the rest of the team at Animal Defense Partnership have been an invaluable resource to ProVeg International in its efforts to replace meat, eggs, and dairy with plant-based alternatives. ADP lawyers provide first rate service on a pro bono basis, are a pleasure to work with, and, most important, have freed up ProVeg to devote its energies to the cause of tackling urgent world problems through animal-free diet choices. We are grateful for our partnership with ADP and look forward to continued collaboration."

Sebastian Joy, MA
Founder and President
ProVeg International


“We feel incredibly blessed to work with Animal Defense Partnership, which has been providing fast and accurate support to In Defense of Animals for years, across a whole range of subjects. ADP's knowledge and legal expertise has been invaluable in ensuring the effectiveness of our advocacy for elephants in zoos through to dogs used for meat -- and every animal issue in between. That's in addition to advice on nonprofit management. ADP has always been there for us since they started and their support is an essential part of our successful work for animals. Quite simply, animal liberation would be a lot further off if it weren't for ADP!”

Fleur Dawes

Communications Director

In Defense of Animals


“Joel, David and the entire team at Animal Defense Partnership have been such incredible friends and an invaluable resource to Paws Crossed Animal Rescue and our mission to ‘Rescue One By One Until There Are None”.   This group is always willing to lend expert advice, most recently with some tax questions we had.  They are wonderful animal advocates in our community and beyond.  Continuously engaging and inspiring, we were thrilled to honor them, and all of their amazing work, at our Autumn Tails Gala in 2017.  We are so fortunate to be able to include these passionate, tenacious and kind-heart people as members of our very special Paws Crossed family”.

Julie Potter

Business & Development Director

Jennifer Angelucci


Paws Crossed Animal Rescue


“ADP makes a profound difference across the animal protection sector by providing organizations like Animal Rescue Corps with critical pro bono legal resources, in a truly innovative way. Now even smaller organizations have access to the top-notch legal advisement and support that would otherwise divert critical funds from programs. Both in-house and through their growing networks of resources, ADP’s partnership with ARC has been invaluable to our mission to rescue dogs, cats and other species from large-scale situations of suffering. It's clear that the ADP team has the same burning desire to change the world for animals as do their clients, and this is exactly what they are doing. The whole team at Animal Rescue Corps is extremely grateful to them for the generosity of their time and expertise, and we all sleep a little better at night knowing ADP has our back.”

Tim Woodward

Executive Director

Animal Rescue Corps


“In addition to serving as ADP Board Chair, as a client I’ve been delighted with the outstanding legal services first provided when our charity launched its US office. ADP continues to support us with efficient, high quality services for policy development and legal counsel whenever we need it.”

Allan Kornberg, MD, MBA
Executive and Medical Director
Physicians Association for Nutrition

"It's been incredibly helpful for Brighter Green to work with ADP. David, Joel, Judith, Allan, and their colleagues are skilled, thoughtful, and responsive. They're also extremely easy to work with: they're great listeners and excellent problem-solvers, and they really care about animals and the organizations working to protect them. Plus, the speed with which they provide answers, advice, text, and resources is astonishing. We're very grateful to have ADP as part of our community, and their counsel has become invaluable."

Mia MacDonald
Executive Director
Brighter Green

"Offering pro bono legal counsel to animal advocates is a generous and ingenious way of advancing the cause of animal rights. David, Joel, Mary and Allan, and the whole team at Animal Defense Partnership are providing an invaluable and unique service. Additionally, this is quite simply a team of warm, energetic, and kind people who are a pleasure to work with. We Animals Media feels indebted to ADP for their support and friendship."

Jo-Anne Mcarthur
Photographer, Founder of We Animals Media


"David has been an incredible support to me and Beyond Carnism. He has come to our aid on very short notice, and has been tremendously informative and reassuring. The team and I feel so much more secure knowing The Animal Defense Partnership exists; we're better able to focus on our work for the animals knowing we can access reliable legal guidance when we need to."

Melanie Joy
Founding President of Beyond Carnism


"David, Joel, and the whole team at The Animal Defense Partnership are inspiring in their commitment to helping others. The depth and breadth of their legal experience is invaluable to those of us working with them to end suffering, and their generosity in offering pro bono services is deeply appreciated. Our mission to advance rights, health, and wellbeing benefits profoundly from their dedication."

Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH
President & CEO
Phoenix Zones Initiative


"Congratulations to all of you, and  thanks, from all at CAS, for filling a gaping hole in the movement to change the world for animals."

Kathy Stevens
Founder and Executive Director
Catskill Animal Sanctuary


"The Animal Defense Partnership has been instrumental in further professionalizing and protecting Woodstock Farm Sanctuary over the last few years. Their legal counsel provides guidance that we would never be able to retain with our budget which has allowed us to focus our time and resources on our mission of saving farmed animals. I've always dreamt of a resource like ADP for the animal rights movement and we are so grateful to them!"

Rachel McCrystal
Executive Director
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary


"Mercy For Animals is very grateful to The Animal Defense Partnership.  David and the rest of the team at ADP are able to draw on decades of experience and resources that are not available to most charities.  The animal protection movement is fortunate to have this enthusiastic and collaborative partner!"

John Seber
Deputy Counsel & Vice
President of Legal Affairs
Mercy for Animals


"We love ADP and the fact that they provide such a unique and necessary service to our nonprofit community! As a brand new organization, ADP was essential to the process of incorporating SEED and applying for our federal tax exemption. David and his experienced team are highly knowledgeable, supportive, and easy to reach - we are beyond grateful and would recommend ADP to any animal protection charity looking for trustworthy legal advice."

Cailen LaBarge
Strategies for Ethical and Environmental Development (SEED)

“The Animal Defense Partnership is an excellent resource for pro bono legal assistance for animal charities. We are very grateful for their assistance.”

Emily von Klemperer
General Counsel
Farm Sanctuary


"We're very grateful for David and ADP's help. ADP was able to connect us with outside pro bono counsel that had resources and subject-matter expertise we were looking for. Being able to tap into these outside resources is extremely helpful to enable organizations like ours to make a real impact for animals. ADP and its network have a sophisticated and diverse understanding of issues that matter to animal protection groups, and generously give from that to provide targeted and useful help."

Cheryl Leahy
General Counsel
Animal Outlook (fka Compassion Over Killing)


"As the president and co-founder of Dharma Voices for Animals (DVA), the only international Buddhist animal rights/animal advocacy organization in the world, I have had the privilege of receiving legal advice on several occasions from ADP’s David Ebert. The quality of representation was simply superb. I always felt valued as a client and treated as if DVA were paying hundreds of dollars per hour to our attorney. I can only imagine how valuable ADP’s legal representations has been to the animal protection community and the huge number of animal lives saved. I strongly recommend ADP!"

Bob Isaacson
Co-Founder and President
Dharma Voices for Animals


“David and Joel have provided CIWF with the highest quality legal advice as we work to protect the lives of farmed animals. From a myriad of contract negotiations to HR/legal advice to keeping our organization in full compliance with Federal, state and local laws, ADP and their network of pro bono lawyers have provided us with critical information that has kept us on track and afforded us more time and energy to work on behalf of farmed animals. We are tremendously grateful for their assistance!"

David Soleil
fmr. US Head of Operations
Compassion In World Farming


"We are extremely grateful for The Animal Defense Partnership. They provide us with incredibly helpful legal support and great legal advice that is down-to-earth, supportive, and timely. It means the world to know they are here for us and for the animals."

Indra Lahiri, PhD
Founder and  President
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


"Saving elephants - as individuals and as populations - is among the most arduous yet necessary actions we must take to protect our planet. David Ebert of ADP has been an invaluable pinnacle of light in his generosity in ensuring that In Defense of Animals' work for elephants is of the highest possible quality. For example, his insights, commitment, skills, and integrity have become integral to our annual Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants List that serves to not only reveal the truth about zoos to the public but also serves as a respected resource to many other protectors of elephants and other wild animals. We are so grateful for his expertise!"

Toni Frohoff, PhD

Terramar Research

Elephant and Cetacean Scientist
(Formerly with In Defense of Animals)



"Free All Captive Elephants has found David Ebert and The Animal Defense Partnership (ADP) to be an invaluable resource in pursuing our mission of getting captive elephants in the U.S. to accredited sanctuaries.  I have sought Attorney Ebert’s counsel on many legal issues ranging from intellectual property law to administrative procedure.  Each time, my questions were answered promptly and with great care.  Not only does ADP provide quality legal services but David’s compassion and true caring for animals is genuine and evident with everything he does."

Dee Gaug, J.D.
Free All Captive Elephants (FACE)
f/n/a Save Nosey Now

"Dear David and Joel,


I hope this message finds you well.  I wanted to send along a brief update regarding Friends of Chimps.

The board of directors had a number of legal questions to address in 2017, including the transfer of funds to our partner in Uganda, IRS compliance, an MOU with Chimpanzee Trust, and state charity registrations. Despite our modest budget, these were vital issues for compliance and the longterm sustainability of our organization.

We expected that these matters would require us to divert funds from programs that support rescued chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Sanctuary and field programs for wild chimpanzees and their habitats in Uganda.

Through partnership and pro bono legal representation through ADP, we were able to sustain funding for chimpanzee programs AND pursue important legal matters. ADP's mission and good work have played a valuable role in supporting Friends of Chimps this year. On behalf of the board, I extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation. We look forward to continued partnership."

Debra Durham, Ph.D
Director of Behavior and Research
Friends of Chimps


"ADP was instrumental in helping Encompass launch. When we were navigating fiscal sponsorship and how to stand as our own 501(c)3, ADP was there with advice and resources. They helped connect us to local pro bono lawyers who made filing for our nonprofit status a breeze and at no cost (other than the filing paperwork itself). I would highly recommend ADP to any animal protection entity, they were a life-saver!"

Aryenish Birdie, M.A.
Founder and Executive Director


"We are so appreciative of your support of ACE with our legal questions. We especially appreciate all the due diligence you put in, allowing us to feel confident in making important decisions. It's a huge help to us and we are grateful to be able to save costs on legal fees so that we can instead use our funds towards our programs."

Leah Edgerton
Executive Director
Animal Charity Evaluators


"Return to Freedom is extremely grateful to Animal Defense Partnership and their committed network of attorneys.

David and Joel are passionate about the humane treatment of animals. Their involvement has transformed Return to Freedom’s ability to carry out complex projects, streamline ongoing activities and has allowed us to redirect funds to where it needs to go most, the horses and burros.

ADP and their network have supported Return to Freedom with guidance and counsel to address a broad range of issues.

Their steadfast support and care for issues large and small make them an asset to organizations of all size. We are grateful for all of the knowledge and expertise they have shared with us over the last few years."

Neda DeMayo
Return to Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation