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Dear David and Joel,


Hello.  I hope this message finds you well.  I wanted to send along a brief update regarding Friends of Chimps.


The board of directors had a number of legal questions to address in 2017, including the transfer of funds to our partner in Uganda, IRS compliance, an MOU with Chimpanzee Trust, and state charity registrations. Despite our modest budget, these were vital issues for compliance and the long term sustainability of our organization.


We expected that these matters would require us to divert funds from programs that support rescued chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Sanctuary and field programs for wild chimpanzees and their habitats in Uganda.


Through partnership and pro bono legal representation through ADP, we were able to sustain funding for chimpanzee programs AND pursue important legal matters. ADP's mission and good work have played a valuable role in supporting Friends of Chimps this year. On behalf of the board, I extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation. We look forward to continued partnership.


Debra Durham, Ph.D
Director of Behavior and Research
Friends of Chimps


Saving elephants - as individuals and as populations - is among the most arduous yet necessary actions we must take to protect our planet.


David Ebert of ADP has been an invaluable pinnacle of light in his generosity in ensuring that In Defense of Animals' work for elephants is of the highest possible quality. For example, his insights, commitment, skills, and integrity have become integral to our annual Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants List that serves to not only reveal the truth about zoos to the public but also serves as a respected resource to many other protectors of elephants and other wild animals. We are so grateful for his expertise!


Toni Frohoff, Ph.D
Elephant and Cetacean Scientist
In Defense of Animals

We are extremely grateful for The Animal Defense Partnership. They provide us with incredibly helpful legal support and great legal advice that is down-to-earth, supportive, and timely. It means the world to know they are here for us and for the animals.


Indra Lahiri, Ph. D
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

David Ebert ©  2018
David Ebert © 2018