Peace Ridge Sanctuary


Peace Ridge was founded in 2001 in order to address animal cruelty, neglect and exploitation, and to promote vegan ethics in New England. We advocate for all animals - farmed animals, equines, domestic companion animals, and wildlife.

We believe society needs to rethink the way that it views and interacts with animals in order to become a more peaceful and just society. We believe that social justice cannot be achieved unless we acknowledge the social injustice we perpetrate on animals.

Situated on over 1,000 acres in the rolling hills of Mid Coast Maine, our state-licensed, nonprofit sanctuary is currently home to over 370 rescued farmed animals and equines that come from all types of situations where they have been neglected, exploited, or abused. We focus on helping the hardest to place animals - those for whom Peace Ridge is their only chance of survival. When state and local animal control officers need a safe place to bring farmed animals, equines, special needs dogs, or other animals that most shelters are unable to take on, we open our doors time and time again. All our rescues are promised lifelong sanctuary here and each have their own stories for why they needed help, but what makes them especially unique from others just like them, is that they got out of their situation alive and are now safe with us. Since our founding, we have rescued over 1400 animals and will continue to spread our compassion in the future.

Our mission is to provide permanent sanctuary to once abused and neglected animals, with a particular focus on farmed animals. We also promote compassionate lifestyle choices through humane education.