Porchlight Animal Sanctuary


We will approach the concept of sanctuary with an inclusive, community-centered, educational focus.

Very few laws protect farmed animals; in fact, most states expressly exempt them from any legal protections. Farmed animals like Mikey (pictured) account for over 95% of all animal suffering in the US, yet only a handful of organizations offer them care and shelter.

Porchlight will be a permanent home for previously farmed animals, where they can live in peace and safety, and will be given the care and compassion that they deserve. Our community education center will focus on challenging the culture of animal abuse and exploitation while improving the accessibility of an animal-friendly lifestyle. We want our visitors to leave the sanctuary knowing why animals like Mikey are worthy of protection. Through our programs, we hope to inspire others to create change that will benefit animals, people, and the planet!

We recently purchased a beautiful 15 acre property in Louisa County, right between Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia. We are currently working to develop the infrastructure on the property so that we can begin welcoming our first residents soon.