PreetiRang Sanctuary


PreetiRang Sanctuary is located in in the center of Solano County, about 65 miles North East of San Francisco.  PreetiRang was inaugurated on May 5, 2013.  PreetiRang is on 40 acres of pasture and wetlands which are home to our rescued farm animal (and a few others) population.  In winter and spring, with good rainfall we have a 4 acre lake which supports a wide variety of life.

PreetiRang is managed by a husband and wife team of former Silicon Valley professionals who have now devoted their efforts to animal rights and promoting the vegan way of living.

PreetiRang Sanctuary was created to provide a peaceful, anxiety free home for animals who are traditionally treated only as economic commodities.  At PreetiRang, these animals are valued as individuals with unique personalities, wants and needs.

PreetiRang Sanctuary is foremost for the animals and their need for a peaceful habitat. Closely following, PreetiRang is for our Friends and Visitors who share in bringing kindness and love to our animals through direct interaction.