Wild Tomorrow Fund


Our mission: We face the extinction of one million species in our lifetimes. But there is still hope. The solution to the extinction crisis lies in the expansion of natural habitats in threatened wild places. We must enlarge and protect the spaces devoted to the natural world in order to save the amazing variety of life on our planet - called biodiversity.

Our approach: We cannot save elephants without saving termites. We cannot save pangolins without saving ants. And we cannot save any of them without saving wild areas from destruction. Everything within an ecosystem is connected in marvelously complex ways. And they all need a safe place to call home.

We protect, restore and re-wild land in strategic, ecologically important areas. But we don't stop there - we look to neighboring properties to join our land together so as to make much larger reserves and wildlife corridors.

We understand that for long-term sustainability everyone must benefit from conserving wild spaces. This includes the people living in the poor rural communities that surround our protected areas. Our programs aim to not only improve their lives, but reduce their impact on natural resources while increasing support of conservation practices.