Our Work


Our Work

There is tremendous demand among animal protection organizations for high quality legal and other professional services so that they may free up resources to fight animal abuse and suffering both domestically and abroad.  ADP is positioning itself to meet that demand and our goal is to be the go-to legal and professional service provider to the animal protection community.

ADP's work can be broken down into three principal segments:  

     1.     Providing legal services directly in support of our clients' animal protection work to enable them to maximize the resources they devote to protecting animals. 

 Lambs marked for slaughter desperately try to get back to their mothers.

Lambs marked for slaughter desperately try to get back to their mothers.

In this realm, ADP functions as both outside general counsel and consultant, assisting clients on a range of issues, including non-profit compliance, fiscal sponsorship, litigation avoidance, management, oversight and consulting, fundraising, state registrations, entity organization and structure,  communications, employment best practices and disputes, contract drafting, review and negotiation, human resources, social media, intellectual property protection and rights clearance. 

     2.     Providing professional consulting services to address our clients internal organizational and operational needs and goals.

Our organizational consulting work covers, as examples, board/executives/employee relationships and dynamics, business and strategic long and short-term planning, leadership mentoring, internal and external communications and crisis management.  We are also developing a network of accountants and financial consultants that will permit us to offer these services as well.

     3.     Pursuing ADP's own projects and initiatives.


ADP also identifies and pursues on a selective basis causes and issues in its own name or in collaboration with other established animal protection groups.  Our most recent undertaking, The ADP Weeping Elephant Project, is progressing well, and will, we firmly believe, bring about meaningful change.   As we grow, we anticipate initiating more litigation and related efforts in furtherance of our core philosophy and purpose.

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By remaining independent, we are free of constraints that lawyers and professionals who represent or work within a particular group can sometimes face. We are highly discrete, scrupulous about preserving client confidences and avoiding conflicts of interest, and are unconcerned with credit or attribution.