ADP in Three Sentences

1.   We're devoted to protecting animals from abuse and suffering.

2.   We provide  pro bono  legal and consulting services to nonprofits that advocate for animals; run sanctuaries and rescues; and support plant-based eating.

3.   Our work enables our clients to put their resources to best use in reducing animal anguish and misery while receiving free high-quality legal  services in support of their mission.


Photo Courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media

Our Mission

There are animal charities, sanctuaries and rescues doing extraordinary work to change the way society treats and views animals. But many of them—particularly small and mid-sized nonprofits—are limited in the resources they can devote to their mission due to the day-to-day financial and operational demands all charities face. ADP works to unburden its clients where possible from these stressors, with the goal of freeing up resources that they can put to best use in their advocacy efforts directly in support of animals and plant-based eating causes.

ADP’s mission is to contribute our legal and professional training and experience to the greatest extent and best of our ability to the growing effort to protect animals from cruelty and suffering in all forms and wherever occurring.



David Ebert (c) 2019
David Ebert (c) 2019

ADP Quick Facts

o   ADP was founded in 2016 by two lawyers, David Ebert and Joel Litvin.

o   Since its founding, ADP has provided $1,500,000+ in pro bono legal services to its clients.

o  ADP's growing client base now includes over 50 non-profits that protect and advocate for animals, run sanctuaries and rescues; and support plant-based eating.

o  ADP's work has had an impact throughout North America and in other regions across the globe in which our clients operate.

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Photo Courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media