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We do our clients’ legal work for free so they can put their resources to best use advocating for and protecting animals while receiving quality legal services in support of their mission.

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We're pleased to introduce you to our remarkable clients and their many accomplishments.  In this space, we will periodically feature one of the organizations we represent and provide updates on its work and successes.

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Animal Equality, another of our clients, has accomplished a great deal in the world of animal agriculture since its founding in 2006. Past campaigns have resulted in groundbreaking convictions against workers at El Escobar, a pig farm, in Murcia, Spain; closure of a dog slaughterhouse and 33 dog-meat stalls at the “Three Birds of Dali Markets” in Nanhai-Foshan, China; and a commitment to release more than 4 million hens from caged-systems by Noble Foods in Dorset, United Kingdom.

Currently, Animal Equality is working towards similar progress elsewhere: for instance, the organization is currently spearheading a number of corporate campaigns in Mexico to eliminate caged-hen egg farming in the country. Farms in the state of Jalisco account for more than 50% of the hen population in Mexico, and hens on these farms are subject to overcrowding, forced molting, beak mutilation, and deprivation of veterinary care. Animal Equality hopes to mirror the victories it has achieved in the UK, EU, India, and Brazil, and bring about the release of these hens from their cages; already, Animal Equality has secured commitments from more than 60 corporations around the world to phase out caged-hen egg farming. Please consider sharing these efforts with anyone who may be interested and visit Animal Equality’s website for information on its other, equally impactful campaigns, such as its iAnimal exposé of factory farming, shown in schools and conferences around the US and abroad:


Compassion Over Killing (COK) has been working to end animal cruelty in the meat, milk, and egg industries since 1995. Their corporate campaigning has successfully led to corporations such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, and Morningstar Farms offering more products like almond milk and vegan burgers as alternatives to meat and dairy products.

COK is also one of a small number of groups that conducts undercover investigations, gathering footage that drives their cutting-edge Legal Advocacy Program and results in groundbreaking convictions against animal cruelty in standard industry practices. This footage has reached hundreds of millions of people through media exposure and is the basis for COK's award-winning original video content, such as their commercial “Side of Truth” (featured on MTV, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, and Hulu) and the short film “Whose Side are You On?”.

COK is inspiring people everywhere to become vegan through these initiatives and others, such as working with city councils around the U.S. to establish Meatless Mondays, running the VegWeek campaign, and hosting the DC VegFest, all of which help achieve COK’s goal of making the world a kinder, cleaner, healthier place to live.


Since the 1980s, In Defense of Animals ("IDA") has done exceptional animal protection work in the US and abroad. We believe strongly in its people, mission and vision, and are proud to be its lawyers.

IDA’s latest project: 60 billboards throughout LA are raising awareness of the dairy industry’s brutal realities by directing viewers to Dairy is Scary, an eye-opening YouTube video. IDA’s campaign is very well-conceived and executed, and highly effective. For additional information or to see how you can help with IDA’s mission, please visit its website,


ADP — which provides legal counsel to its rapidly-expanding client base free of charge — is grateful to have been able to counsel IDA on aspects of this project.

Here's the link to the video:

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