Our Mission

Animal Defense Partnership protects animals by providing free legal services to nonprofits that advocate for animals and plant-based diet change. We believe that all animal organizations should have access to strong legal support and representation. By making legal services accessible, ADP sets our clients up for long term growth and success. 

In partnering with these admirable organizations, ADP is proud to support our clients' missions and visions. Our clients work in myriad ways to help animals across the United States, and in some cases, globally, including by advocating on behalf of farmed animals, companion animals, laboratory animals, equine, wildlife, and aquatic animals; operating animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries; promoting and facilitating plant-based diet change; educating the public about animals' plight through diverse media and photojournalism; and working to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the animal protection movement.

By not charging to address the otherwise costly legal needs that arise in every nonprofit, ADP frees up funds that enable our clients to dedicate more of their limited resources to directly furthering their work.

These are just a few of the many animals who have been helped by our clients:

Rosie and Cinco de Mayo, rescued residents of Farm Sanctuary.
Rescued goats at Farm Sanctuary.
Rescued geese at Farm Sanctuary.
A Farm Sanctuary resident with a prosthetic limb.
Julia with her piglets, a few weeks after her rescue from a factory farm. She gave birth to 16 piglets at Farm Sanctuary where she lived a peaceful life until she passed away.
Capuchin recently arrived from a lab eats a banana.
A beagle on the anniversary of his being rescued from medical research. The rescue was orchestrated by the Beagle Freedom Project.
A rescued dairy cow and her calf, allowed to stay together after being rescued by Farm Sanctuary.
A capuchin monkey arrives from a lab where he was used for invasive research, to Jungle Friends primate sanctuary.
Julia with her newborn piglets. She gave birth at Farm Sanctuary after her rescue from a farm where she had been severly beaten.
Rescued turkey resident at Farm Sanctuary.
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